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Best Handyman in Mountain View, CA Home Improvement Drywall Installation Remodeling
Handyman Services of Mountain View

Looking for a quality and affordable handyman for your next project in Mountain View, CA? Handyman Service of Mountain View, CA. We provide the following services: Carpentry ,Ceramic Tile Installation & Repair ,Drywall Installation and Repair ,Electrical Repairs ,Exterior Painting ,General Plumbing ,General Roofing ,Gutter Repair ,Handyman ,Interior Painting Call Handyman Services of Mountain View today! We offer commercial residential repair maintenance carpenter painting renovation and remodeling services.  Our labor cost is as low as $20! Best price is guarantee. Best handyman in Mountain View, CA for repair, building maintenance, installation, and plumbing and make it ready services. Best property management handymen! Handyman Services of Mountain View Handyman is in Mountain View, CA that been voted #1 five years in a row for great service call us now for a free estimate. We offer discounts to seniors, We guarantee our work.

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Best Price, Best Quality, Best Responsiveness, Best Punctuality And Best Professionalism!

Handyman Service of Mountain View was created with the homeowner in mind. Our goal is to help you with all your household projects by providing a full handyman service or simply providing a handyman to help you with your to-do list. No need to call multiple businesses to handle your projects, we can do it all! We are dedicated to providing you with the best handyman service available at the most affordable price without sacrificing quality.

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Currently servicing Mountain View,  and surrounding areas, we use only qualified and experienced professionals to meet your handyman needs. Rest assured that when you hired Handyman Services of Mountain View we will take the necessary steps to exceed your expectations and get the job done right!!

If your TO-DO LIST is more like a CAN’T GET-TO LIST then Handyman Services of Mountain View and let us provide you a Free Estimate! Our handymen are ready TO-DO what you need done now at an affordable price!

Thinking of selling your house? Handyman Services of Mountain View also specializes in providing free consulting to help you get your house ready to sell. With such a large number of houses currently for sale you can’t afford to leave anything to chance. Mountain View, CA and let us help you!

Handyman Services of Mountain View also provides hauling, junk removal, pool service and lawn care! From routine mowing service to periodic landscaping, we can help. Simply call us for a free estimate today!


  • Emergency Plumbing
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  • Air Conditioner
  • Locksmith in Mountain View, CA
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  • Furniture Assembly
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  • Bathroom Remodeling Mountain View, CA

Home renovation and repairs can be delayed if you do not use professionals and those experienced with any type of repair or renovation.  We accommodate our customer’s busy schedules with flexible scheduling options and same day service.

Do you have a hole that needs to be plastered?  A dripping faucet that needs to be repaired?  Are you moving and you need furniture assembled?  Do you need a light fixture moved?  Or wish you could install a dimmer switch in your living room?

Don’t wait any longer.  There is no reason to delay.  Get the service done today!

Okay, what’s the way out?

An on-call handyman service!

Small home repairs can be put off, but some demand immediate attention, such as leaking plumbing, sparking electricity and gas leaks.  It’s better to leave it to us – Handyman Mountain View, CA.

Small home repairs and improvements that are put off and not completed can eventually cost far more in the future.  Problems tend to get worse over time.  The wobbly shelf will fall.  The cracked window will break.

What if you’ve got a ton repairs and renovations on your to-do list?

Well, we’re a complete handyman and renovation service.

Our team of professionally trained handymen will provide the best solution for each repair, renovation or installation project you might have.

We’re merely a call away, should you need any interior or exterior remodeling services, be it painting, flooring, kitchen and bathroom renovation, plumbing or professional furniture assembly.

Are there any discounts?

Special discounts are a big part of our customer satisfaction policy, especially for our repeat-customers and senior citizens!

All our repeat customers get 15% discount on any handyman services and our new clients can often save $5 for every $100 spent.

You can get a discount of 15% on your next service for referring our professional handymen to your friends – which we know you will do because our service is the best in the business!

There’s also an offer where senior citizens can get 15% discount on all services.

Do you provide free quotes?

You get free, no-obligation quotes and estimates from our team of experts prior to initiation of any work.

Quotes are based on what type of work you have and how much time it may take.  We have a price list to accommodate almost any possible repair or service you may need, so rest assured that our estimates are accurate and fair.

The scope of work will not change without your permission and acceptance during the service completion.

Is there any work guarantee? When are you available?

As a professional company, we provide 24×7 handyman services and respond immediately to your requests so you get the best service at your convenience.

You get warranty on all parts and service as part of any repair or replacement.

Call us for a free estimate.

We offer handyman services in Mountain View, CA at affordable prices and if you’re looking for both quality and affordability, you’re sure at the right place.


  • How much would you pay for good handyman work hourly?

A qualified handyman who works independently will normally charge between $30 to $65 per hour. However, these independent contractors often drag a service out for many hours beyond what you expect. Our services are based on a price list so there are no surprises.

  • What are handyman prices?

Our company has experience with all types of handyman and repair services and we have developed an accurate price list. Our operator will take all the information about your needs and the work you are requesting and provide a price range over the phone.  More detailed jobs or custom service may require an on-site free estimate.

  • What type of warranty or satisfaction guarantee do you offer?

Warranty protects a customer from problems with the services they get. Whereas, guarantees are the customer’s rights whenever they buy any services or products. All manufacturer warranties for repair or replacement are transferred to the customer.

  • Are your technicians insured?

Make sure that your technicians are insured, licensed and bonded. This protects you and your property. Our company will provide all necessary documentation as required for performing the services.

  • Why is it important that a person who is providing service in my home or business be insured?


It is important that a handyman who is working at your place should be insured as any mishappening can happen while on the job, no matter how professional your handyman is.

  • What is the importance of written contract with warranties for workmanship?

With a written contract, there will be no miscommunication or overlooked details. All expectations will be established in advance.  Major renovations and large projects can be documented in a contract and estimates can be provided in writing.


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