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Commercial Painting Services

Best Commercial Painting Services and Cost in Mountain View, CA
Handyman Services of Mountain View

Commercial Painting Services near Mountain View, CA: Are you Searching for Best Commercial Painting Services near Mountain View, CA? Handyman Services of Mountain View ,We are qualified and insured to paint storefronts and store interiors up to 3 stories tall, and we are equipped to handle all kinds of specialty painting tasks. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Commercial Painting Service around Mountain View, CA. We serve Mountain View, CA and other areas. Get a Free Quote Now!



Commercial Painting Services

Commercial Painting Services near Mountain View, CA:

Commercial Painting is a demanding industry that requires solid infrastructure, excellent communication and professional, lasting results. Because we deliver on every front, Handyman Services of Mountain View is the commercial painting of choice for Mountain View, CA. We are qualified and insured to paint storefronts and store interiors up to 3 stories tall, and we are equipped to handle all kinds of specialty painting tasks. For quality commercial painting, reliable scheduling and a responsible painting crew, trust Handyman Services of Mountain View.

Handyman Services of Mountain View serves Mountain View, CA with the following commercial painting services:

Committed to excellence and professionalism in every aspect of our commercial services, Handyman Services of Mountain View is the painting contractor you can trust for an on-time, on-budget project.

Modern Tools and Techniques

Commercial Painting Services near Mountain View, CA:

We at Handyman Services of Mountain View use modern tools and latest techniques for offering best quality Mountain View, CA commercial painting services. The painters Mountain View, CA team members are adequately knowledgeable and offer support by best knowledge aid so that the Mountain View, CA commercial painting jobs turn out to be the best. The use of modern tools reduces wastage and helps in adding a flawless finish on the painted surface.

Till date, we have done several commercial painting projects successfully and that makes us one of the clients appraised as #1 painting contractor in Mountain View, CA and neighborhood area.

Methodical Approach is a Prime USP

We at Handyman Services of Mountain View maintain a meticulous approach to work. Commercial painting is aware of the responsibility of undertaking a commercial painting job.  According to the professional track record, the company is identified as the #1 Industrial painting contractor in Mountain View, CAwith its team and painting know-how. We offer an onsite quotation for the proposed job and all undertaken projects are completed within the stipulated deadline.

Best Painting Materials are Used

Commercial Painting Services near Mountain View, CA:

As one of the commercial painting contractors in Mountain View, CA, Handyman Services of Mountain View always use the best quality painting material suitable for the job site. This is the reason all commercial painting jobs done by this company are found covered with a guarantee and long endurance.

Moreover, be it an exterior painting job or it is an interior painters Mountain View, CA services, the ace painter Mountain View, CA company works with faster turnaround. The company never maintains 9-5 service hours but try to complete a job as fast as possible if needed by investing extra work hours.

Types of Commercial Spaces That We Paint

Our painting crew will be professional, on-time, friendly and extremely skilled. Your employees will be able to continue their workday as we complete the job.

The painters in our company are highly trained and experienced. We are proficient in providing fast results while maintaining the utmost quality and precision.

Call for a Free Estimate Today!

If you have a commercial space that needs painting, we can handle it! We have experience painting all different kinds of business spaces, including, but not limited to:

  • Office spaces
  • Warehouses
  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Education centers
  • Property management
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial
  • Clean Cut and Qualified Crew

Insured and Licensed Painting Team

Our company is fully insured and licensed. While safety and security is a main priority of ours, we understand that accidents on the job happen. For this reason, we are fully insured and employ only licensed painters to protect both our company and yours. We want to make sure your experience with us is legally sound.

Expert Painting At An Affordable Cost

Our reviews are unmatched and our pricing is on point. We will come to your business and give you an accurate estimate. Your business will be handled with care. Our commitment to bringing your fresh new look to life is what separates us from the rest of the commercial painters in Mountain View, CA.

Quality Painting With Precision

Commercial Painting Services near Mountain View, CA:

We do not sacrifice our quality to provide fast results, instead, we employ a large crew of experienced painters who work together to complete your project timely.

Prior to beginning your project, we do a full walk through of the space to check for and repair any damages that could slow us down during the process.

We also make sure that the space is fully ready for us to get to work so everyone knows what to expect. Your time is valuable and we want to be extremely efficient.

Attention to detail is precisely what we strive for with all businesses we work with.

Our Process

Commercial Painting Services near Mountain View, CA:

From your initial contact with us to your last, we pride ourselves on providing clear and open communication. We communicate with you every step of the way.

We will visit your business and discover your vision. Once we are on the same page with color and style, we will then quote you a price for the job and a timeline for completion. If there are any hiccups or deviations from the quoted plan, we notify that with you immediately.

As a professional business ourselves, we appreciate when we are in the know regarding anything to do with the operation of our business, this is why we give the same courtesy to our customers.

Who We Are

Commercial Painting Services near Mountain View, CA:

We consider each and every project as a challenge and the end result as the reward. Our aim is to give you our expert advice and workmanship, providing you with a professional and tidy job. Painting your home’s exterior is a large job that requires proper planning, preparation and tools. Everything we offer is completed as promised, on time and in the most professional way possible.

If you’re planning your next residential or commercial makeover, contact the pros at Handyman Services of Mountain View. We have a very experienced and reliable team of professionals.

We offer comprehensive residential and commercial painting services in Mountain View, CA, including skim coating and wallpaper hanging and removal. Our company is fully licensed and insured. We thoroughly prepare your space prior to each painting job to ensure that your furniture and floors are fully protected. Our professionals carefully prime each space prior to applying two coats of paint. In addition, we won’t make a mess and leave you to clean up; we will restore your space exactly how you like it. No exceptions.

We use high quality Environmentally-Friendly paint from Benjamin Moore or the paint of your choice. Also, we background check and pre-screen all of our professionals so you can rest easy feeling confident about the people in your space.

If you’re searching for quality painters, call the professionals at Handyman Services of Mountain View today to receive a free estimate.


Commercial Painting Services near Mountain View, CA:

Painting your commercial building is an investment that should be approached strategically in order to avoid complications with the public while still getting the work completed and the look you want. A good paint job can create a positive first impression that encourages customers to come back to your premises over and over. Therefore, updating the look of your property with a fresh paint job is important for your business.

In addition to a good painting project, the right additional services (such as pressure washing, caulking and prep work) can give your property the required makeover to keep your customers engaged.

As you consider your commercial exterior painting project, follow these five tips to ensure a high return on investment.

Consider the scope of the project

Take the time to consider the scope and extent of your painting project. How many buildings will need to be painted? How long do you have to complete the project? You should also consider what time of year would be most convenient to carry out the painting.

Some companies offer special discounts for painting when it’s colder out. Painting during winter may also cause minimum disruptions to your business operations. Special care has to be taken to keep most paints and surfaces at over 50 degrees Fahrenheit to allow for the best possible outcome. Consider your business cycle and select the periods when painting will cause minimum inconvenience to your commercial activities.

Choose the right color

Commercial Painting Services near Mountain View, CA:

Choosing the right color for your exterior commercial real estate is often an overlooked aspect. The right colors will make your buildings more attractive and appealing to customers. In fact, color choice could be the difference between a dull property and a dazzling masterpiece.

A color consultant can help you choose the right shades in accordance with real estate trends, color psychology and paint development.

Adhere to high standards of safety

The safety and health concerns of your clients and tenants should be a top priority. Make sure you select the right paint that causes minimal health risks to people present in the space. Give preference to odorless paints to avoid problems for customers while you are open, during and/or immediately after the project occurs.

Consider additional services

Your commercial exterior painting project should involve more than just painting outside walls. The success of your project will also depend on additional services such as pressure washing, caulking, proper stripping and sanding, and restoration work to make sure the building looks at its best.

Regular pressure washing extends the life of your paint by removing dirt and mildew that stain surfaces. Prep work, wood and siding replacements, and concrete repairs also contribute towards the attractive appearance of your commercial building.

Choose the right contractor

Due to the unique challenges that are involved with painting a commercial building, take the time to select the right contractor for your paint job. An experienced contractor can provide suggestions for proper implementation of the project in a manner that maximizes return on investment.

Make sure the contractors are licensed and bonded so you can be confident in the quality and safety of their services. A good contractor will also be able to understand the complexities of your project, as well as any additional services that may be necessary.

Budget and Scheduling

The success or failure of a commercial painting project isn’t solely dependent on the knowledge, skill level, and experience of commercial paint contractors. Establishing budgets and schedules before project initiation are two equally important factors associated with paint jobs.

Setting up a budget will ensure you get what you need without breaking the bank. Effective project scheduling can help building managers minimize disruption to daily operations by ensuring that all the work is carried out according to a pre-established plan. Although the scheduling approach for a commercial paint job depends on the operations of each facility, having a detailed plan can lessen the negative effects of interruptions.

For example, in small clinics, doctor’s offices, stores, restaurants, and public buildings, paint jobs can be completed during weekends, at night, over holidays, or during summer breaks.

On the other hand, in hotels, retirement facilities, hospitals, and medical complexes, some areas aren’t used all the time. Knowing when certain rooms and sections are unoccupied can help managers accurately plan downtime on a rotating basis to make areas available for painting.

Prep Work Is Key

Commercial Painting Services near Mountain View, CA:

The secret to a good commercial paint job is that most of the work is done before the topcoat is applied to the building. The main reason surface preparation, or prep work, is important is because paint can’t adhere to unprepared surfaces.  The paint will peel, crack, bubble up, and flake because it is not sticking to the surface.

Bubbly paint does not do anything to curb appeal or your bottom line. Brushing or spraying paint onto an unprepared surface will look very unprofessional. Time and money will be wasted if the surface is not properly prepared. The coat of paint will not last very long, thus requiring you to hire another team of painters to fix the problem.

A professional painter should assess the surface of your building which is the first step in painting your commercial building. Prep work is a tedious and hard job, but professional and reputable commercial painters will have a team that finishes the work promptly.


Painting Cost Per Square Foot Commercial Building

Commercial Painting Services near Mountain View, CA:

A fresh coat of paint keeps your commercial property looking in tip-top condition and gives customers a fantastic first impression of your business. Additionally, your staff will be happier and more productive if they work in a well-maintained environment. But what is the painting cost per square foot of a commercial building?

Painting Cost Per Square Foot  Commercial Building

To get a basic estimate of what a commercial paint job will cost, you should consider 3 main factors:

  • How much paint you’ll need.
  • The amount of labor it will take.
  • What condition the building is in.

How Much Paint is Needed?

Commercial Painting Services near Mountain View, CA:

Calculating the amount of paint required isn’t difficult. First, determine if you want just the walls painted or the ceiling and any trim as well. Multiply the length of each wall by its height and then add them together. Do the same for any doors and windows and subtract this figure from the wall space to get the total square footage of wall space.

If you want to paint the ceiling, then you’ll need to multiply the length of the room by the width to get the gross ceiling area. Add this onto the total square footage for the wall space.

Once you’ve determined the total square footage that needs painting you can calculate the amount of paint needed. Bear in mind that one gallon of paint typically covers 300 square feet of a smooth wall in a commercial application. Most professional painters prefer premium-quality paint, which costs between around $50 – $75 per gallon.

Labor Costs

Labor costs also need to be taken into consideration. On average a painter covers approximately 150 – 200 square feet an hour. Labor costs are generally charged on an hourly basis, and you can expect to pay $60 – $100 per hour on average.

You’ll also want to add on another few hours for preparatory work before painting can commence. This may involve washing, caulking, scraping, and priming. The tools a painter uses can determine the speed of the job, e.g. brush and roller vs paint sprayer. Cleaning up after a job is also an important part of the process which needs to be factored into the time taken.

What You Can Expect as an ‘Average’ Painting Cost Per Square Foot for Commercial Jobs

Now you know how to calculate how much paint and labor will cost, you can add them together and work out the average painting cost per square foot.

  • Paint: $2,000 – $3,000
  • Labor: $5,000 – $8,000

So, for a property of 15,000 square feet and in good condition, with a typical brush-and-roll two-coat paint system you’re looking at an average of $5,000 – $10,000, or .33 to .66 cents per square foot for the walls and ceiling.

The Condition of the Building & Other Factors

While it would be nice if every commercial paint job were straightforward, there are certain physical elements in buildings that can cause significant fluctuation in price. Different types of buildings can pose challenges due to their height and structure and may require specific skills or tools. If a business is operational, it also means painters need to work when there is minimal disruption, noise, odor and safety compliance for staff.

Most painters will include minor cracks and nail holes in their standard preparation and price, but any major prep work, such as large cracks or holes or warped drywall will cost more for labor.

Textured walls can also cost more, not only for the extra paint needed to cover it but in labor if it needs repairing to look even and consistent. You may also be charged extra if there is heavy lifting or major furniture manipulation involved to clear access to walls.

Cost To Paint An Apartment

Commercial Painting Services near Mountain View, CA:

The average cost to paint an apartment is $900 to $3,000 depending on the number of bedrooms or if it’s a studio. A 900-square-foot one-bedroom apartment costs $900 to $2,500 to paint. Painting a 2-bedroom apartment with 10′ ceilings costs $1,100 to $3,000 on average.


What Commercial Painting Services does Handyman Services of Mountain View provide?

We provide professional painting for the interior and exterior of any Mountain View, CAarea business at any time of the year, including new construction, apartment complexes, condos, and commercial and industrial complexes.

What happens when I ask for an estimate for painting services?

Following our on-site consultation and discussion of your painting project, Handyman Services of Mountain View provides a printed estimate that includes all materials and labor, pricing and work specifications.

How long after the estimate does painting begin?

Work begins one to three weeks following the estimate, once color selections and work specifications have been confirmed and the work contract has been signed.

Can Handyman Services of Mountain View also repair drywall or rotten wood?

Our prep work prior to painting includes repairs for holes and cracks. Handyman Services of Mountain View offers a variety of additional maintenance services for commercial properties in the Mountain View, CAarea.


What type of paint do you use?

Our experienced painters work with recognized suppliers including Sherwin-Williams, Behr, Benjamin Moore and other reputable companies. Handyman Services of Mountain View can also recommend a variety of low fume, eco-friendly products.

Does Handyman Services of Mountain View apply paint with a brush, roller or spray?

Each painting project is different, and we use whichever tools are best for each job. Typically, we use brushes and rollers, but some specialty jobs may require spray for a high quality finish.

How do I prepare for painting once I have signed a contract?

Vegas Handyman Service’s prep service includes the protection and removal of furniture and fragile items such as pictures, glass items and electronic devices. Our licensed and insured team works closely with clients to keep your property, employees and family safe.

Why should I paint my commercial space?

As noted above, a fresh paint job can instantly bring new life to your business. It gives your commercial area a fresh feel by giving it a new look, covering old imperfections like scratches and marks. Your paint job is an easy way to project the desired image of your company to your customers. This gives your business a chance to receive a second look from potential customers, making those important first impressions into lasting ones. Why shouldn’t you attract new business with a new, fresh professional look? And it’s long been known that the colors of a place can affect mood, so you can switch it up for different innovative effects.


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