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Best Siding Repair Service and Cost in
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Siding Repair Service near Mountain View, CA: Are you looking for the Best Siding Repair Service near Mountain View, CA ? Handyman Services of Mountain View, Our design consultants can help you find the perfect siding product for your home and our installation technicians are professionally trained and highly skilled, capable of completing your install quickly and accurately. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Siding Repair Service around Mountain View, CA. We serve Mountain View, CA and other areas. Get a Free Quote Now!


Transform Your Home With Siding

Siding Repair Service near Mountain View, CA: Siding Mountain View, CA Every homeowner has a vast list of upkeep responsibilities when it comes to their home. Aside from the functional items, keeping up the appearance of the exterior is also important. This requires repainting every five years or pressure washing the brick or a number of other tedious but necessary actions. When thinking of home improvements, taking future maintenance into consideration, it is no wonder so many Mountain View, CA homeowners are flocking to having siding installed.

Siding offers your home a fresh new face. It is installed on the exterior walls of your house and gives you a versatile array of décor options that will make your home look newly built. Furthermore, it requires significantly less upkeep, eliminating the need for constant repainting or other laborious tasks. When it comes to quality siding, your exterior home improvement experts at Handyman Services of Mountain View have what you need.

Siding Repair Service near Mountain View, CA: We have proudly provided Mountain View, CA residents with top notch siding products and installation. Roofers by trade, we have developed an expertise in total home exterior upgrades. Our design consultants can help you find the perfect siding product for your home and our installation technicians are professionally trained and highly skilled, capable of completing your install quickly and accurately. That is why we are the top choice in Mountain View, CA for siding.


Advantages of Siding

Siding Repair Service near Mountain View, CA: Siding comes in a variety of materials, all designed to be durable and long lasting. Whether it is vinyl siding, fiberglass or composite wood, your home will be well protected from the elements. Aside from durability, siding has a distinct energy efficiency benefit. As siding is installed directly to the exterior of your home, it creates an insulation envelope around the whole house. That extra layer of insulation will keep energy where it belongs and significantly reduce your energy bills. You can even see savings of as much as 60%.

While durability, energy efficiency and low maintenance are big appeals to siding, the largest attraction comes from design versatility. Siding, made of composite materials, can be made to look like virtually anything. From stone or brick veneer to authentic stained wood, your home can be revitalized or take on a whole new look. Your neighbors will wonder how a new home was built without them even realizing it. And the vibrant new look of your house will last for decades.

If you want to breathe new life into your home, call Handyman Services of Mountain View and explore what siding products can do for you.

Our Mountain View, CA Siding Experts Provide the Following Services

  • Vinyl Siding
  • Fiber Cement Siding
  • Composite Wood Siding

When choosing your siding, color can dramatically affect the overall look of your home. Here are some basic guidelines to consider when choosing your siding color:

  • Light colors enlarge the appearance of a house.
  • Dark colors visually reduce the size of a house.
  • Warm colors make special exterior features stand out.
  • Cool colors make features recede.
  • Monochromatic schemes will unify and simplify the exterior of a house.
  • Contrasting shades will add interest.

Siding Repair

Has your siding been severely damaged due to Mountain View, CA storms? If you answered yes, make sure to have it repaired right away. Having your siding repaired right away will help prevent bigger problems and damages to happen. The longer you wait the more expensive the repairs will be. Replacing your siding is a big project and an expensive one. If you need siding repairs contact the professionals at Handyman Services of Mountain View. We will inspect your siding and make the necessary repairs to get your home looking as good as new.

Siding Installation

Siding Repair Service near Mountain View, CA: Due to weather conditions in the Mountain View, CA area, most residents in Mountain View, CA have needed siding repairs or installation services. Siding is typically pretty quick to install, depending on the type you choose

If you need siding installation service done on your home contact Handyman Services of Mountain View. Our professionals will walk you through the entire process and make sure you understand what we are going to do. We will help you choose the best type of siding for your home and keep the location in mind when deciding. All of our professionals at Handyman Services of Mountain View are highly trained and certified with many years of experience. You can trust our team for all of your siding services.


Types of Siding

  • Vinyl Siding – One of the most durable and affordable siding options in Mountain View, CA.
  • Wood Siding – Wood siding is an environmentally friendly option. If any pieces need to be replaced, it is very easy to do so.
  • Fiber Siding – Fiber siding is easy to maintain with several options to choose from.
  • Brick Siding – Brick siding is a little more expensive but can last up to 100 years.
  • Stone Siding – Can last for decades and is moisture, storm, bug and fire resistant.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Ask our team about our environmentally friendly options!

Benefits Of New Siding

1.Enhance curb appeal- The older siding becomes the more the color will start to fade. It starts getting dirty and is extremely difficult to keep clean. New siding comes in many different colors and textures that you can add to your home to give it a new look. New siding will also help increase the value of your home. If you are eventually going to sell your home, new siding will come in handy. Homeowners don’t want to spend more on upgrading when they are looking to buy a new home. If you have new siding then your home is more likely to sell quicker.

2.Energy efficiency- If you need a siding installation then it is the perfect time to consider energy efficient options when upgrading. Some energy efficient options allow you to add more insulation in your home or add a house wrap for wind and moisture blockage!

3.Repair Structural Damage- Some of the homes in Mountain View, CA are very old and could have structural damage from leaks. If our team notices any damage to your home while we are replacing your siding, we can usually repair it without affecting your home.

4.Enjoy Lowered Maintenance – The first benefit, lowered maintenance, is the reason why so many people seek to get their siding repaired in the first place. Damaged siding can be an absolute nightmare to maintain. As the effects of the weather begin to stack up, that once beautiful siding starts to discolor, and the stunning finish begins to flake away; what’s left, is a constant chore. With brand-new siding, you start fresh with a high-quality product that can fight back against the elements. No longer will bad weather mean yet another coat of paint is needed after hours spent scraping away flaked paint. Repaired siding offers the convenience of low maintenance care.

5.Add Value to Your Property – You can’t talk about curb appeal without looking at property value. The exterior of your home is incredibly important when it comes to attracting buyers, but then also retaining them. When you’re trying to sell your property, there are few better places to start with a make-over than the outside of your home. Every buyer wants to feel wowed by a property, and that’s certainly something that siding can deliver when it is in good condition.

Handyman Services of Mountain View specializes in various types of siding:

  • Cement Board
  • Natural Cedar
  • Vinyl Composite Look Alike Cedar Siding
  • Wood Shakes
  • Aluminum
  • Insulated and Non-Insulated Siding

Many homeowners aren’t aware of the wide selection of sidings available for use in their homes. From complete siding tear-offs to covering an existing one, Handyman Services of Mountain View will make sure you have get the best siding service possible.

As the most reliable replacement siding installation contractor, we will help you choose the perfect siding style, color, and texture for your home. We can also replace your soffit and fascia with high quality aluminum siding to boost your home’s curb appeal. Let our team of professional siding installers know what you need, and we’ll do the rest.

Common Siding Problems Can Easily Fix

Sidings have two main functions, to enhance the exterior appearance of your home and to act as a layer of protection for the home against the elements. When the siding becomes damaged, this can lead to problems for the home in the future.

Since not all homeowners are masters of DIY, expert siding contractors in Mountain View, CA can do the repairing for you. It is, however, the job of homeowners to detect the problems and call in for assistance. These are the most common siding problems that should be fixed as soon as possible:

Buckling and Warping

One of the disadvantages of vinyl siding is that it is susceptible to buckling or warping. The main reason behind this is the manner by which the two types of sidings are attached to the home. Wood sidings are designed to be tightly adhered to the walls, but vinyl sidings hang from fasteners, which is why it has slight room to move. The space between the sidings and the walls of the home allows for the material to expand and contract when the temperature changes. When vinyl siding is installed too tightly, it tends to buckle or warp because of the void.


This should be handled by siding repair Mountain View, CA based contractors to ensure the damage does not increase.


There are several reasons why siding may crack, but once a crack is spotted, it should be addressed immediately. Wood sidings that were not properly treated and maintained will start to form cracks because of water damage. As the water seeps through the wood, it causes the material to expand and contract, which leads to the cracks. Vinyl siding, on the other hand, usually starts to crack after too much sunlight exposure.

Whatever the cause of the crack, they should be treated or else moisture will seep into the cracks and cause major structural issues that will come with an expensive repair bill.


Siding is the outermost covering of your home, which means they are constantly exposed to sunlight and UV rays. Overtime, the rays of the sun will cause the siding material to fade on certain spots, this can be unsightly and it may defeat the purpose of adding siding to beautify the home. The color of the siding will no longer be even because there are areas that are more exposed than others. This is a problem that only experts have the tools and experience to repair correctly.

Issues with Moisture

Before the siding is installed, a waterproof barrier is positioned to ensure that water does not enter the structure. Sometimes, there can be a breach on the barrier and one small hole can lead to serious water damage. When water becomes trapped in between the structure and the barrier, it can lead to rotting, mold growth, mildew formation, and a long list of harmful and expensive forms of damage.

Early Siding Damage Detection And Immediate Action

Siding Repair Service near Mountain View, CA: While there is no way to prevent siding from getting damaged, treating the problems early on is the best way to slow down structural deterioration. Sidings protect the internal structure of a home from weather and water damage. Call a trusted siding contractor for assistance as soon as possible. Any issues must be repaired by a professional immediately before moisture gets the chance to seep inside and cause more damage.

Never delay the schedule of repairs, especially when the change of season is near. The sooner the problems are addressed, the smaller the cost of structural repairs.


Siding Repair Cost

Siding Repair Service near Mountain View, CA: The average homeowner pays about $725 to repair siding. Contractors charge anywhere from $40 to $70 per hour for labor. Expect to pay an extra 5% to 14% in material and installation costs for complex configurations and patterns. Older siding might hold asbestos, which costs up to $10,000 to remove.

  • National Average$725
  • Typical Range$321 – $1,183
  • Low End – High End$100 – $22,500


Average Cost to Repair Siding

Type                           Per Square Foot      For 200 Square Feet

  • Vinyl $2-$4                         $400-$800
  • Aluminum $3-$6                         $600-$1,200
  • Fiber Cement $4-$7                         $800-$1,400
  • Brick $3-$10                       $600-$2,000
  • Stone $3-$20                       $600-$4,000
  • Wood $4-$12                       $800-$2,400
  • Stucco $2-$4                         $400-$800


Vinyl Siding Repair Cost

For 200 square feet, you’ll pay $400 to $800 for vinyl siding repairs. Vinyl, especially on older homes, fades in the sun. Because of this, it’s tough to match the color exactly.

You have a few repair options:

  • For visible areas, use a portion from an unseen wall to match colors exactly. Then repair the unseen wall with new materials.
  • Replace an entire wall or the whole home.
  • Paint the vinyl. Most paints do not bond well to vinyl, so take care when choosing.

Vinyl is the most popular material used in the United States due to its low cost and durability. But because it’s plastic, it fades from ultraviolet rays (UV). So, when it comes time for repairs, it’s often more aesthetically pleasing to simply replace. New vinyl siding installation costs $5,800 to $15,000.


Aluminum Siding Repair Cost

Siding Repair Service near Mountain View, CA: Repairing 200 square feet of aluminum siding costs $600 to $1,200.

Repairs require replacing the damaged sections. For extreme amounts of damage or to keep the home uniform, consider that new metal siding installations cost $4,000 to $14,000. It’s very low-maintenance but prone to denting.


Cost to Fix Fiber Cement or Hardie Board Siding

Fiber cement siding, also called Hardie Board, costs $800 to $1,400 to repair. For extensive damage, install new fiber cement siding costing $5,500 to $18,000.


Brick or Stone Repairs

Stone or brick veneer siding repair costs $600 to $4,000 to repair a 200 square foot section. Manufactured or engineered veneers come in sheets for about 25% the price. Simple repairs, like redoing cracked mortar, might only cost $600 to $800.


Fixing Wood, Cedar, Clapboard or Log Siding

Siding Repair Service near Mountain View, CA: Costs to fix wood, cedar or log siding depend on the type of damage and wood. Clapboard is among the oldest type of siding used in the United States.. Caulk and paint it every 3 to 7 years to keep it functional and looking good. Damage comes from dry rot, insects and weather causing warping and splitting.

Understand what it costs to repair or replace before you call a professional.

  • Fixing wood siding costs $600-$2,400.
  • Replacing wood siding costs $7,000-$23,000.
  • Installing cedar shake costs $9,000-$23,000.

Stucco Repair

Repairing stucco siding costs $600 to $2,000. You may also try a DIY approach with a stucco repair kit which runs $10 to $50 each. Once repaired, simply paint to match the wall color

Chimney Siding Repair Costs

Siding around a chimney costs the same as any other type to repair or about $500 to $1,000 depending on how large the chimney is and the materials it’s made from. Heat won’t affect your siding if you meet all minimum code requirements.

Siding Repair Cost Factors

There are a few cost factors for siding repairs you should consider:

Accessibility: Add 20% to your budget. Damage to a second or third story takes longer to get to and more time to fix.

Age: Unless you’re going to paint repairs to match existing cladding, you’ll want to consider that sun and weather wear down colors, especially vinyl, over time. New materials probably won’t match what you already have. You’ll pay more for:

Paint to match for $1-$3 per square foot.

Replacing an entire wall with new siding to minimize noticeable color differences. This method keeps old and new siding on different sides of the home and keeps the budget in control.

Regional pricing difference: The more you paid for your home, the more you’ll probably pay for repairs. Materials pricing doesn’t change much from place to place, except for locally sourced wood. But labor and overhead fluctuate with the cost of living across the country.

Termites and other wood-boring insects: No matter what type of material, you may have problems with the underlying structure. A professional pest inspection costs $50 to $300 and might save you from future repairs.


Why Is Siding Important?

Siding Repair Service near Mountain View, CA: Siding acts as a shield for the foundation of your home, protecting it from the outdoor elements. It helps preserve the insulation of your home, which is responsible for ridding the walls of insects, dirt and moisture. If insulation is unable to fulfill its purpose, your home is at high risk for moisture buildup, mold and mildew, which could lead to structural damage due to bowing or warping of the walls.

Well-insulated siding can keep the heat inside your home while also keeping the cold weather out. Insulated siding is breathable, meaning it allows water vapor to escape, leading to protection from mold, rot and mildew, and contributing to healthy indoor air conditions. Aside from the many practical functions, the visual appeal of siding adds additional allure to your home.


How Do I Know When I’m Due For A Home Siding Repair?

Is your old siding starting to warp, chalk, bend, or pull away from the house? These external signs mean water or moisture is getting below the siding and damaging it. You may also see green or black spots along the siding, which also signal a moisture issue. An important issue to be aware of are rotting wall sheathing behind the siding. This problem can be identified by feelings for soft spots along, or any places that give in, along the siding


What Is The Best Type Of Siding?

The best siding product is the one that specifically addresses your needs, budget, and the conditions of your area. We recently come across a relatively new type of siding called insulation-backed vinyl siding and have discovered that it holds up incredibly well in the climate of our service area. It looks incredible, doesn’t fade, chip, or peel, and it even increases your home’s insulation making it great for saving on your energy bills. To find out which siding is truly best for your home and situation, give us a call!


Why should I replace my siding and why is it so important?

Siding is your home’s first, last, and best defense against the elements. If your siding is damaged, old, cracked, or chipped, you could be looking at some costly repairs down the line. Damage is most likely already occurring behind your siding where you are unable to see it. By the time any outward issues are detected, it may be too late. Don’t set yourself up for future problems and give our company a call for the best siding installation in Minneapolis MN. We are happy to come out and inspect your siding and answer any questions you may have.


What is the standard warranty on siding?

When it comes to the warranty from siding companies in Minnesota, it depends on the type of siding and the manufacturer. Most of the siding we install at EZ Home Solutions comes with a lifetime warranty.


Does thicker mean better?

The only thing thicker siding provides you with is a higher price tag, and don’t let any other roofing company in St. Paul, MN, tell you otherwise. While thicker siding may help with the overall rigidity of the material, thickness does not guarantee quality, durability, value, or performance. Don’t get sold on a product you do not want or need. Give us a call and let one of our siding experts sit with you and thoroughly explain your options.


If there is no one-size-fits-all siding, what exactly should I look for?

There are a variety of things to consider when choosing a siding product for your home. Your location makes a big difference when it comes to the best siding option. We serve a variety of communities in Mountain View, CA.

Some essential items to look for and discuss with your vendor:

  • Paneling architecture and its projection
  • Locking mechanisms
  • Grain direction
  • Cap stock formulation
  • Nailing hem design
  • Chemical makeup and consistency – including UV blockers


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