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Interior Painter Service

Best Interior Painter Services and Cost in Mountain View, CA
Handyman Services of Mountain View

Interior Painter Services Near Mountain View, CA: Looking for Interior Painter Services near Mountain View, CA? Call Handyman Services of Mountain View is fully insured and licensed. We are PDCA-certified. Our skilled and experienced painters and decorators possess in-depth expertise to cater to your tastes and needs. Cost? Free estimates. Call today or send us a message only for quick service.




Interior Painters and Decorators Mountain View, CA

Interior Painter Services Near Mountain View, CA:  Painting and interior decoration of your home or office space in Mountain View, CA is now easier than ever thanks to Handyman Services of Mountain View. As one of the most sought after interior painters and decorators in Mountain View, CA, we operate from our registered address at West Africa House and cater to a steadily expanding client base covering the entire city and the nearby areas.

Unlike average painters in Mountain View, CA, our aim is to make your indoors clean and orderly so that the overall quality of life improves while you along with your family members and/or employees enjoy greater comfort. At Handyman Services of Mountain View, we are PDCA-certified. Our skilled and experienced painters and decorators possess in-depth expertise to cater to your tastes and needs.

As one of the most reliable interior decorators in Mountain View, CA, we value the trust that clients impose on us. Our creative experts never leave anything unattended to ensure clients get higher value of their hard-earned money. At Handyman Services of Mountain View, we believe in innovation. Our experts spend enough time racking their brains not only to make your home or office more attractive both from outside and inside but also to mirror your refined taste and choice in the process.

Specialist interior painters and decorators in Mountain View, CA

Interior Painter Services Near Mountain View, CA:  At Handyman Services of Mountain View, painting and interior decoration are our passion. And as committed professionals, we have made our passion our profession. Before starting a project, we build a customized approach to provide your property with a unique identity that carries your signature identity.

As a result, once a client remains a client across the ages. What is worth mentioning, our existing clients voluntarily give us volumes of referential business round the year. They keep introducing us to their friends, colleagues and peers. Thus, we are one of the most widely trusted interior painters & decorators in Mountain View, CA and its surrounding areas.

Our interior painting and decorating services

Skilled and innovative interior painters & decorators in our team offer a range of services including the following:

  • Painting doors, cupboards, walls and ceilings
  • Wallpapering
  • Interior decorating
  • Interior decorating of commercial space
  • Interior decorating of residential space

Interior Painters and Decorators

A professional decorating job can completely transform the look and feel of any property interior. Whether it’s a small section of wall that needs repair, or doors and doorframes in need of some attention, or entire rooms that need fully redecorating, our painters and decorators will ensure the work is done to a standard you can be proud of for years to come.

Our team of interior decorators are ready to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you have. We can arrange for an estimator to visit you and provide a no-obligation fixed price quote free of charge.

Our guarantee and accreditations

We’re fully trade accredited. Aspect is a member of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), The Guild of Master Craftsmen and the Painting & Decorating Association (PDA). In addition, the Aspect Guarantee covers our tradesmen’s workmanship for up to 12 months.

Our interior painting and decorating work

Interior Painter Services Near Mountain View, CA:  Our expert painter decorators are ready to help with any type of decorating work inside your property.

  • Emulsion on walls and ceilings
  • Priming, undercoating and top coating woodwork
  • Hanging wallpaper and lining paper
  • Stripping wallpaper
  • Painting windows, doors and frames
  • Stripping paint from wood surfaces
  • Sanding and staining floorboards
  • Patch repairs to damaged walls
  • Plastering and tiling

Thorough preparation

Interior Painter Services Near Mountain View, CA: Every interior decorating job starts with preparing the area being worked in. Our painters will move furniture and lay protective sheets to keep everything as clean as possible and prevent any damage.

Prior to painting, interior surfaces generally benefit from being cleaned with a sugar soap solution. This will remove any grease before sanding can start. Sanding will remove any loose or flaking paint as well as providing a smooth surface that paint can properly adhere to.

Preparation for interior painting

Preparation tasks

Our painter decorators use trade quality materials for the preparation work they carry out. Tasks include: –

  • Degreasing walls and woodwork
  • Filling cracks, holes and indents
  • Treating or replacing rotten or damaged woodwork
  • Priming bare wood surfaces
  • Applying ‘mist’ coat of paint to bare plaster
  • Removing existing loose, cracked, peeling or bubbled paint
  • Treating knots in new, unpainted wood
  • Creating a solid base that’s free of cracks, holes and other indents and that paint can adhere to is fundamental to a long lasting finish.

Professional Mountain View, CA Interior Painters

Painting the interior of your home is a cost effective way to breathe new life into your space. Color has an amazing effect on a room. Whether it’s making the room brighter and increasing the energy or darkening the room to give it a cool calm and collected feel, all can be achieved with painting. When choosing an interior painter in Mountain View, CA a big concern with most renters or homeowners is communication with the painting contractor and the painter’s ability to deliver a beautifully painted space.  We pride ourselves on high quality painting and fast responding communication.

Mountain View, CA Interior Painting Contractor

Interior Painter Services Near Mountain View, CA: In today’s world homeowners expect peace of mind through a transparent process. We explain every step of the process and are always available by phone, email, or text to answer any question or concern.

Interior Painting Services

Complete Interior House Painting


How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Interior Painter?

Interior Painter Services Near Mountain View, CA:  A fresh coat of paint does not just give your home a brand new look. It also provides protection against pest damage and harsh weather, helps siding last longer, maintains structural integrity, and increases the resale value of your home. That said, painting is still a significant investment and requires a lot of careful consideration and planning in order to get the best results. From choosing the right color and finish for a room to buying painting supplies, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind before hiring a painter.

If you are planning to hire a painter to work on an exterior painting project, you are most likely to be charged a fixed rate, which is calculated on the basis of the square foot area to be covered. However, most painters charge by the hour for interior projects. Depending on the location, specific project, and season, labor costs around $40 to $60 per hour for a standard painting job. Painters in areas with a higher cost of living may charge up to $75 per hour.

Professional Interior Painters Costs

Home Interior Painting Costs Per Project

Wondering how much you should expect to spend on different types of painting projects around the house? Check out the table below. All data given below is for a standard two-story home with 1,500 sq.ft. area and wood siding.


Project                                                                      Cost

Stairway (walls only)                                             $400

Hallway (148 sq.ft. of wall)                                 $581

Popcorn ceiling 1 removal                                   $700-$1,500

Dining room (270 sq.ft. of wall)                                    $1,060

Living room (312 sq.ft. of wall)                          $1,225

Bathroom (360 sq.ft. of wall)                             $1400

Bedroom (400 sq.ft. of wall)                              $1,568

Kitchen (430 sq.ft. of wall)                                  $1,705

Wall mural                                                               $4,000

Wall decorative finish (120 sq.ft. wall)                        $6,800

House interior (2,300 sq.ft. home)                   $6,900

Interior Painter Costs Per Hour

Interior Painter Services Near Mountain View, CA: Labor costs for painting vary widely, depending on region, season, type of painting project, and experience level 2. On an average, you can expect to pay around $49 per hour for house painting projects. However, highly experienced painters can charge up to $70 per hour for specialty projects like murals. A 2,300 sq.ft. single-story home will require around three to five painters to paint the entire house and will take a minimum of five days to complete for a total cost of $2,400-$7,000. With new construction projects, unless you are acting as your own general contractor, painting costs will be slightly higher due to administration and hiring costs for the project manager or contractor. General contractors usually charge a markup of 10 to 25% on the total cost of a project.

Interior Painter Materials Costs

Typically, materials account for 15% of the cost charged by painters. Buying the painting supplies yourself may help you save a lot of money down the road. Be prepared to buy 2-3 gallons for painting the interior walls of an average-sized room. In addition to paints and primers 3, you will need paint brushes, rollers, face masks, rubber gloves, painter’s tape, drop cloths, sandpaper etc. While you can pick up disposable painting brushes for under a dollar from home improvement stores, reusable higher-end brushes can cost as much as $20. A standard roll of 1 inch painter’s tape (60 yard) will cost around $5. Equipment such as ladders or scaffolding 4 can be rented for a small cost. An interior scaffold 4 with adjustable platform heights from 2’ to 12’ in 2” increments can be rented for around $10 per hour, or $165 per week.

Cost Factors of Hiring a Interior Painter

Interior Painter Services Near Mountain View, CA: The final cost will heavily depend on the size and nature of the painting project. For estimating the quantity of paint required, you will need to know the room wall sizes (length, height, and width), the number of windows, size of windows, the number of doors and size of doors. A standard living room (12’x8’) will require 2-3 gallons of paint using the industry average of 350 sq.ft. per gallon. Depending on the brand of the product and finish type, the cost can range from $30 to $100 for two gallons. If you plan to have a different color on the ceiling, trim or an accent wall, that will have to be calculated separately and would again add to the final cost.

If you are planning to paint the exterior of your home, you need to factor in the house’s size, style, location, and siding type while calculating cost. A standard two-story house with 1,500 sq.ft. area and wood siding will set you back by $2,500-$3,000 for painting the exterior.


At Handyman Services of Mountain View, we’ve completed hundreds of interior painting projects of all sizes across Mountain View, CA. Most common important questions on Interior painting And we’ve learned a lot along the way. Below are answers to the most commonly asked questions about home interior painting projects.

When should I schedule my painting estimate?

Schedule the estimate for your painting once your drywall has been installed. It is our experience that once your drywall has been hung, you are about six weeks away from painting. Your contractors still need to tape, spackle, and sand your drywall, install your trim, hang your interior doors, and install the kitchen cabinets among other jobs. We do not recommend getting your painting estimate before the drywall has been hung because too many things can change. Those changes will affect the scope and price of the project. Once the drywall is up, most surprises have been found and the house tends to stay the way it is.

When does painting begin?

We will start painting after the carpenters have completely finished. You will not save time on a new construction job by having us start work while the carpenters are working in a different part of the house. Carpenters create lots of dust which will inevitably end up in your trim paint and ruin the finish. Carpenters will also be changing small things throughout the house on their punch list until they leave. A small change for the carpenters can easily force us to repaint entire walls or rooms after they have been completed. That wastes time and money.

Your electrician should return after we are completely finished to hang your light fixtures. If the electrician hangs your fixtures before we paint, we will either paint around them or he will need to return to re-hang them when the job is completed.

What is Handyman Services of Mountain View responsibility for a new construction job?

On a new construction or major renovation project, we will not be responsible for any work on the new drywall. Your contractor is responsible for any wall repair, tape lines, or corners on the new drywall. If the house is a mix of new drywall and old walls, we are usually responsible for repairing the old walls. We always take care of caulking and filling nail holes in the trim. We are not responsible for rebuilding new trim that was installed with large dents or gaps. If you have a new banister or railing being installed, we can stain or paint it.

What goes first, the floors or the painting?

The best situation for the homeowner is to have the flooring contractor complete the sanding, staining, and one coat of polyurethane before painting begins. We will then protect the floors with resin paper while we paint. After we finish, the flooring contractor comes back and applies the final coat of polyurethane. Most reputable floor contractors work this way and will not be surprised if you ask for this arrangement.

How do you paint the trim?

All trim gets caulked and the nail holes get two coats of an epoxy wood filler. We then prime all trim with an oil-based primer. If your trim comes pre-primed, we will be priming it again because we need to apply this coat of primer to cover the wood filler and caulk we have applied to your nail holes and seams. After we prime your trim we apply two coats of paint. We sand your trim after we fill your nail holes, after we prime it, and after the first coat of paint.

What items do I need to move for the painting project?

You need to move all the small, delicate, and valuable items from the work area. Other examples include:

  • You should remove all your wall hangings before we arrive, but we can help you move heavy mirrors.
  • You need to move the books, but we will move the bookshelf.
  • Disconnect any large flat-screen TVs before we arrive.
  • We will handle the sofas, desks, chairs, and beds.

How long does interior painting take?

An average interior room takes us a day and a half. We can frequently finish within a day, but because of dry times and touch-ups, we may need a few hours the following day to complete a room. If you are doing several rooms at once, things go a little faster because we can work in a second room while the first room is drying.

Do you recommend oil or latex paint?

For walls we use latex. For your trim, we will check to see if your existing paint is oil or latex and typically use what you already have. Mixing paint types can cause you long term problems that can only be fixed by stripping all the paint from your trim or by installing new trim.

How do you protect my floors and furniture during painting?

We cover your wood floors in work areas with resin paper and use plastic covered with canvas tarps to protect your carpets and furniture.


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