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Bathroom Renovation

Quality Bathroom Renovation Service Bathroom Remodeling and Cost in Mountain View, CA
Handyman Services of Mountain View

Mountain View Bathroom Remodeling – Best home remodel service in the Mountain View Metro. Specializing in bathroom renovations, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basement remodeling, and closet remodeling! A bathroom should be a place of peace and calming, and yet for most of us it looks like a forgotten about pit stop full of prefab ugliness and complimentary hotel toiletries.  Call us today! Cost Of Bathroom Renovation? Free Estimates! Call Today Or Schedule Bathroom Renovation Online Fast!




Bathroom Remodelers in Mountain View.

We’re well aware of how many choices you have for bathroom remodeling Mountain View. Everyone from professional construction companies to your cousin’s boyfriend will claim that they know exactly what you need and that they’ll give you the best price. But only Handyman Services of Mountain View Mountain View Bathroom Remodeling can deliver on those promises!

We’ve been in business for years, so we know what people are looking for in a bathroom remodeling company. You want professional treatment, along with skill, creativity and a few years of experience thrown in to boot. We can’t argue with you on any of those factors. In fact, they are the same things we’d be looking for in a contractor who was going to be in and out of our homes or businesses!

Handyman Services of Mountain View Bathroom Renovations knows that you could choose anyone to remodel your bathroom, and we’re so glad you’re considering us!


​When the time comes to remodel your bathroom, you can trust Mountain View Bathroom Remodeling!

We offer all types of bathroom remodeling services, from small jobs to a complete bathroom overhaul! The experts at Handyman Services of Mountain View Bathroom Renovations can do small repairs for you, or we can assist you with a total renovation of one or more bathrooms. We can meet all your residential and businesses needs for bathroom remodeling Mountain View!

Every bathroom contains a couple of basic elements: a sink and a toilet. Installing and repairing these very important items correctly can save your home from major water damage. We can install a sink with a vanity and cabinetry or a pedestal-style sink that’s perfect as a stand-alone item. Our team is trained to make sure that these items not only look perfect, but also that they function perfectly!

Beyond that, full baths also have a shower, tub or a shower/tub combo. Installation of these pieces takes time and precision. You don’t want a contractor who will rush through the installation of a tub or shower. After all, you’ll be using it every day! You may choose to have rock, tile or molding applied to the exterior of your tub or shower. If you aren’t sure what options you have, we can certainly help you come up with a stunning, unique design.

Some bathrooms also have spa tubs or specialty tubs that are designed for those with balance or mobility issues. While these might present problems for other bathroom remodeling contractors in Mountain View, they don’t for us! We can help you figure out the perfect layout for your bathroom remodel to make the room easy and safe to navigate as well as making it aesthetically pleasing.

The bathroom floor is usually tile, but we are seeing more unpredictable flooring options being installed in bathrooms these days as well. Concrete is becoming a popular residential flooring option because of its versatility, while sheet vinyl, laminate flooring and vinyl tiles all make good choices for the bathroom as well. Mountain View Bathroom Remodeling has experts who are highly trained to install all types of flooring in order to give you exactly what you’re looking for!

These elements don’t hold themselves in place, though! Caulking and grout are also important pieces of the puzzle. Your bathroom remodeling contractor needs to be skilled in how to use caulking as both glue and a sealant of sorts. This is the key element that will keep water from leaking underneath your flooring and molding around the floor. If you decide to go with tile floors or shower lining, you’ll also need to make sure your contractor knows how to apply grout in order to complete the overall look of your bathroom.

Finally, Handyman Services of Mountain View Bathroom Remodeling can install shelves, cabinets, mirrors and hardware to put the finishing touches on your gorgeous new bathroom. The average bathroom lacks storage space, and they certainly aren’t considered the “nicest” rooms in your home, but we can change all that! Give us a call today!


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